"I found intensive teaching method and study material in this institute. On the top of all, behaviour of mentors offered a stress buster environment for my IELTS endeavour."

Score: 7.5 Bands                                               Simran


As a Results Coach and Trainer, Namrata works with Students to create new approach and perspectives that empowers and motivates them to learn and get the desired results. She believes that everyone has the ability to transform their life, to live the life they rightfully earn and yearn.

What she loves most about being a Results coach and Trainer is that she loves the enjoyable moments that includes celebrating the successes of her students who have achieved their dream scores under her mentorship.   

Namrata is a post Graduate in forensic nanotechnology. She lives in Mohali with her parents.  She is a foodie and an adventurer. She travels often to experience the world – with with friends or family.


Skill Orchid provides one-on-one tutoring in IELTS, PTE, OET, NCLEX and SPOKEN ENGLISH. We also offer online classes and Authentic Study material for practice at home,


After joining Skill Orchid as a business development expert and attending few sessions at schools and colleges, Kanika was reconnected with the part of her that always knew there was more to her life. She finally shattered the subconscious cage of what was possible for her and felt compelled to bring that same experience to others. With time she kept on involving herself in different roles so as to give the best of what she could to the institution and its students.

Her background in business allows her to connect with both mentors and mentees at work whether they are 50 or just 15 years of age.

She lives in Dera-Bassi with her parents and siblings. They pamper and push her to continue growing and achieving. In her free time, she likes to paint landscapes or go out with her friends.

"I was always challenged in school when it came to taking tests. Everything else clicked, but I had terrible tests scores. I took a few test preparations classes and my scores have really improved. Thanks for working on my shortcomings."

Score: 8.5 Bands                                               Harman

About Us


As a Senior Coaching Expert at skill Orchid, Tsarb works with people looking to make massive improvements in their communication. She believes in the fact that one doesn’t always see the potential in oneself, but everyone has an amazing potential and sometimes we need help tapping into that.

Her contagious energy, intuition and love of coaching are a few things that set her apart. She always has a thirst to keep learning and developing to be able to help her trainees thrive. 

When things get tough, she maintains the passion and energy to help clients stay accountable and keep their momentum towards reaching their goals.

She is from Dhuri and currently lives in Mohali with her friends.

"I was impressed with the wide variety of classes offered at the Learning Center. I don't have to drive across town after work to go and prepare for my IELTS. Having a friendly application, it made learning quite easy as I just had to go home and jump online. This made going back to school easier than I expected.. I'm glad a friend recommended this."

Score: 8.5 Bands                                           Jatinder

"I would like to thank everyone for your efforts to guide me to proper path to get the scores I needed in IELTS writing and speaking modules.

When I first gave my test, I got 6.5 in writing but I needed 7. After the point-to-point evaluation of my writing tasks and guidance from Jenny and team, I have finally reached band 8. My individual Scores are L-9, R-9, W-7.5, S-7

Hope you guys keep up the great work and continue helping candidates like me.."

Score: 8.0 Bands                                Gagan Kaur


"I scored more than what i aimed for in each module of IELTS exam and all credit goes to my mentors because they have improved my skills similarly assessed my weakness."

Score: 7 Bands                                   Ashneet Kaur


As the name says, she is a lovely person and has a special gift of fostering trust with all, even the most introvert individuals, by creating a safe space for the “magic” to happen. Priya believes that life is what one makes it and everyone is given a beautiful canvas to work with.

Working as a Writing Mentor at Skill Orchid, she has helped trainees from all backgrounds take their lives to the next level. She has a deep sense of compassion and a strong ability to modify and adapt to any learning style.

Priya is a post graduate in Mass Communication. No matter what one wants out of life, she’ll help one unlock his/her potential to achieve it.

She lives in Mohali and likes to travel and shop with friends when she is free.

Our Instructors

All skill orchid's Instructors are licensed to teach the required modules. Many also have certifications/licenses for specific modules/training.

Our Team

Himanshu while undergoing the train the trainer’s program with Skill Orchid made the commitment to work with the same organization till he becomes a Divisional Head.

Himanshu’s Philosophy is that anyone can empower oneself to live the life one desires — both personally and professionally. One can manifest anything he/she wants as long as they are in the right state of mind. Within one month of joining, he picked up the best of strategies to help the weak students compete with the toppers of the same batch. He provides transformational results for individuals through a combination of one-on-one training, mentorship and educational experiences.
Currently, Himanshu lives in Mohali- and belongs to Dalhousie. When he is not at work, he likes to watch fiction movies or do content writing.

"I am thankful to Ritesh Sir, seeing as, his astonished navigation catalyzed for my score. Initially, I was worried about my performance in this exam but my mentor's strategies were boon for me. Owing to that phenomenon, I was able to get more than what I required."

Score: 8.0 Bands                            Gaganpreet Kaur

Ritesh Bammi(Founder)

Ritesh Bammi is the founder

of "Skill Orchid Education


a training firm with only one

focus: Crafting personality of

Individuals,so that they can

become more productive,

perform better and be truly 


For over 13 years UP! Ritesh Bammi has helped companies and individuals build a culture of uplifting
service that delivers real business results year after year nationally and internationally. For Training and
Consulting interactions, he is a visiting faculty to various Institutes and corporate globally.
Ritesh is a motivational speaker and corporate trainer of international repute and has advanced Corporate
Training with innovative techniques and tools that have been acknowledged by some of the leading
organizations. He understands the only reliable way for a company to achieve and maintain a competitive
edge is to build a culture that empowers every employee to surprise and delight customers and colleagues
every day with truly uplifting service.
He has to his credit, interactions with, and changing the lives of thousands of graduates from B schools and HR Professionals of Developing Nations who went through his interactive sessions on Management, Personality Assessment/Development, skills for Group Discussions, Personal Interviews, Group Tasking, Case Studies, Presentations and Public Dynamic Speaking. MCM DAV-Chandigarh, Amity University-Mohali, A Pee Jay College- Jalandhar, CGC- Jhanjeri, SUS Group of Institutions Tangori, SASIIT, Mohali, Baba Farid Group Of Institutions- Bathinda, Bhai Gurdas Group OF Institutes- Sangrur, CT College-Jalandhar, SVIET- Banur, SWIFT College- Rajpura, SGRR Group of Institutions- Dehradun, Indus University- (H.P.), GCET- Khanpur-Punjab are few amongst the list of institutes who have been benefitted by his seminars.

He has conducted training programs for the corporate sector and student community all over India & abroad in countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana and Nigeria to name a few. List of few client’s benefited from his program are TATA Docomo(India), Su-Kam(India), Coke- Kandhari Breweries (INDIA), Airtel-Ison (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria), Warid (Uganda), Fast Jet Airways (Tanzania), D.H. Impex (Tema, Ghana), IPMC (Accra, Ghana), and Ashraf Group(UAE) to name a few.
Ritesh has been a Country Head Training in an ERP Solutions Company earlier. He was responsible for Training and Business Development, Pan-India. The Company had its clients in Pharmaceutical FMCG, F&B, Retail, Electronics & Communication etc and is proud to be associated with names like Reebok, Disnip, Red Tape, Ranbaxy, Videocon, Haldiram’s, Crocs, Killer, Carlton, Tommy Hilfiger, TAGHeuer to name a few . A Science graduate, Ritesh participated in the ‘Train the Trainer program’ and earned the title of a Level Four Directive Communication (DC) Psychology International Certified Human Capital Trainer, Accredited Facilitator By American Institute of Business Psychology, USA, Beaverton and is involved dedicatedly in international training ever since.

The certificates contributing to his success include:
 DYNAMIC SPEAKING Certification, AIOBP, Beaverton, USA.
 HUMAN DRIVE and MOTIVATION Certification, AIOBP, Beaverton, USA.
 CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT Certification, AIOBP, Beaverton, USA. &

Ritesh has trained the most essential commodities in the Corporate Sector, in Management Techniques pertaining to L&D, Leadership and Motivation, and Culture Evolution sales and marketing, Goal Setting, Target Achievement, time management to name a few. Training and Development of the Trainers is also his forte. An inspiring speaker he believes that people understand and learn more through doing. Consequently his seminars and workshops are highly participative and action-oriented. Ritesh‘s methodology includes a set of proven service principles, leadership rules, culture-building blocks and implementation roadmaps that apply effectively across all industries and cultures. This
methodology is easily customized to suit the unique needs of each organization, including all departments and team members from leadership to frontline.

He is a friend, coach, mentor, counsellor to many who have reposed faith in his abilities to transform many a lives that have come in contact with him. Ritesh belongs to Dehradun currently resides in Mohali and has seen the Country in part and parcel and part of the Globe. When not travelling, Ritesh can’t be found at his residence with his mother and pets or at the gym. He is an adventure freak and loves driving. He always looks forward to indulge himself in a Sport/adventure that teaches Focus, Determination, Analytical skills, Concentration, Grace of both mind and body, and the ability to come out the best against all odds.

"First of all, I would like to thank Ritesh for his help. Without it I couldn’t have achieved an overall score of 8.0.

All the practice tests and extra material available were essential in overcoming some of my weakest points. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to succeed, but thanks the crisp sessions with Ritesh and all the exercises he gave. I’m really happy with the results. It’s an overall 8

Thank you very much!"

Score: 8.0 Bands                                                    Arshnoor

The Learning Center was founded on the belief that every student has the ability to learn.


Today, as the world moves towards a more unified whole – Global Education is fast becoming the norm. Your college experience will be filled with new beginnings, academic opportunities and meeting new friends from around the country and the world. However, the transition can be overwhelming as you’ll be faced with selecting courses from hundreds of choices (over 3000 colleges to choose from) lengthy applications and daunting essays to write. A bigger challenge in the region is rather clearing the BENCHMARK to apply for international opportunities through IELTS, PTE, and OET etc.

From the first meeting to the time of decision, skill orchid can effectively help you sail through with the scores one requires to fulfil the criteria. Next, we guide you through the application process to help obtain individual goals. Skill Orchid with its experience is able to factor in variables such as Course Contents, Reputation, Location, Safety, Cost, Social Life, Business and Job opportunities etc. which cannot be ascertained by merely reviewing websites and brochures. A combination of specific training and experience in the field allows Skill Orchid to recommend a county/college best suited to the strengths and interests of the student.Skill Orchid, since inception has grown leaps and bounds in a short span of time. The only Institute in the REGION that gives ASSURED result. Over the past few years, our staff has helped more than 7000 students improve their study habits, comprehension, and test-taking skills. As a result, these students have earned better test scores and grades, and grown in self-esteem and confidence. We love celebrating those victories with our students.



As a training head, Gurvinder inspires others to continually work towards their true potential and to live a life of success and fulfillment. She prides herself in being both logical and direct as well as heart-centered and intuitive. She works with the trainees to understand their goals and, using proven strategies, she creates a plan for them to experience real results and make their dream a reality.

Gurvinder believes anyone, regardless of their background, can embrace this winning mindset to defeat whatever has prevented them from success.

With her, trainees can expect a genuine human encounter, guided by unconditional support and empathy, in a quest to discover tools and answers which match the unique needs of each trainee. Along with her business background, she brings a Masters in English and extensive training in relationship building.

From Muktsar, Punjab, she currently lives in Mohali, with her cousins. In her spare time, she enjoys writing and reading articles.

"First of all, I would like to thank Ritesh Sir and Gurvinder Mam and Skill Orchid team for their help and orientation.

Modus Operendi here was really convenient for me because it’s really flexible and complete. I had taken the IELTS test before the course and unfortunately, could not achieve the score that I needed. Now, after the course, I achieved the 7.5 required to study a master degree in the UK so I’m really happy and thankful about that.

I totally recommend the course, with a good score in IELTS you’re going to have access to many professional opportunities.."

Score: 7.5 Bands                                      Komal Kaur

"I am thankful to ‘Skill Orchid’ to explore my abilities through their experts’ advice and they taught me technique of writing, reading along with speaking and listening. It is true to say that i had very few days to prepare for this exam on account of my job and my personal responsibilities. However, Ritesh sir provided his individual attention during my flexible visits. I strongly recommend this institute to those folks, who have few days to score 7 bands each."

Score: 7.5 Bands                               Vivek Aggarwal

Test Preparation

  • Surprise Tests
  • More than 500 Tests For Practice
  • Online AV Sessions
  • Personal Recordings for Improvement in Speaking

"I was always challenged in school when it came to taking tests. Everything else clicked, but I had terrible tests scores. I took a few test preparations classes and my scores have really improved. Thanks for working on my shortcomings."

Score: 8.5 Bands                                               Harman

"I would like to thank skill orchid team for their enormous help during my IELTS journey. Trainers are extremely kind, patient, professional, approachable and friendly. 

With the help from speaking and writing tactics, I could overcome my weak points and fulfill the requirements for my PR in Australia.  I really recommend skill orchid team to everyone."

Score: 8.5 Bands                               Vikasa Gaddoo

"I needed to take IELTS test for emigration purposes. Although my English is good, I still did not feel confident taking the the test without any training. 
I found many companies offering online courses but they did not meet my needs because I wanted a company that could give me personal tuition and individual attention.
Skill Orchid was a perfect place as it gave me individual coaching as well as plenty of online practice. The support I received was fantastic in many ways. First, Preeti mam did 3 speaking practice tests with me and gave me helpful tips on how to improve my score. She also gave me much needed encouragement and reassurance. 
Second, Ashima mam got my writing exercises marked promptly and gave me detailed and very useful feedback. Third, I found the tips on the website very useful. 
The team was very generous and supportive. The help and tips I received enabled me to achieve great results: 7.5 each."

Score: 7.5 Bands                                Harleen Kaur Walia